Garden Make Over’s – Landscaping

You don’t need a whole new garden, it just needs a facelift! We can redesign your existing garden beds according to your budget.

Our makeover service is perfect if you want to:

  • Give it “year-round” freshness and life
  • Add a small vegetable garden or some herbs
  • Update the plants
  • Prepare your home for resale
  • Refresh the colour theme

We see many gardens showing their age – they no longer compliment the home. They’ve lost the warmth and inviting feel. They now look tired, overgrown and dated. In poor condition, they turn off would-be buyers and create a “less than inviting” feel to your home.

Gardens are a vital part of your living space and present a great opportunity to reflect your personality, style and taste.

Why not take one simple positive step today to begin your garden makeover?

Our Garden Makeover service includes:

  • One meeting to discuss and define your design
  • On-site analysis of soil, drainage, sun, architectural considerations, etc
  • Plant Selection List
  • Staging Recommendations (for doing your garden project in phases)
  • Planting sketch

We implement plans as shown in the picture