Landscaping – Garden From Scratch

Starting a landscape project can seem like a complex process, but let us make it clear and easy for you. Our creative, methodical design process ensures that you can review a range of choices and assemble your project on time and within your budget.

High-quality landscaping and outdoor design has many benefits

We believe that a well designed landscape offers an enjoyable outdoor space for your family and represents a solid investment as well. Research studies underscore that landscaping can be a great investment in your property.

Landscaping has Environmental & Health Benefits

It’s a well known fact that plants improve the quality of our air. Did you know that one tree could remove from the atmosphere around 26 pounds of carbon dioxide per year?

When the proper tree is selected, planted and well maintained it can significantly absorb sound waves and reduce noise-pollution by “eating up” unwanted sound.

Carefully designed and well planted native gardens will enhance wildlife and bring butterflies, hummingbirds and songbirds into your life. We think everybody could use more songbirds in their life.

A well designed irrigation system can not only save you unnecessary time spent hand-watering, but will save water and reduce your utility bill.