Winter is the time to prune many shrubs and Patio trees.

Trimming summer flowering shrubs in their dormant period encourages new growth and growth that is kept restrained (i.e. spreading out onto walkways, paths, creating too much summer shade , overpowering other plants etc).

Roses, hibiscus, perform particularly well if pruned now.

Removing any dead, diseased, and deformed wood enables a better shaped and proportional plant with good strong stems and branches to carry the weight of new flowers.

Winter exposes (through the loss of leaves) the wood of many plants, shrubs, roses and trees) enabling the skilled gardener to address the shape and proportions of the plants.

Citrus benefits from a hard prune at this time of year, a tennis ball should be able to be thrown through the trees branches unhindered to allow light on the branches and good shape for fruiting.

Borer is present in the spring and will invade cuts made to citrus at that time.

Winter mulching (whilst the weeds are slow to appear) is another form of controlling growth in your garden as it feeds the soil, encourages worms to work, and stops those weeds emerging at a rate faster than your gardener can handle.

WE are skilled in all these forms of garden works so please get onto your garden before the spring comes.

Call us to do the hard pruning and garden mulching work for you.

Client Comments

We used Gardencare to clean up our garden and trim/prune the trees and hedges on our property. Dean and his team did a great job, cutting back the branches overhanging from next door, carefully pruning the roses, and sweeping up the deck so it looked very tidy. I would recommend Gardencare for your garden.


I was surprised by the rapid response from this garden care company. A member of the team arrived the week after initial contact to discuss what tasks needed to be completed and the team arrived the following week and spent the day removing a tree, pruning climbing roses, one of which is two stories high, spreading mulch and trimming hedges. They were courteous and pleasant to have on the property and the place was left spotlessly tidy. I will certainly be using them again.

Jocelyn Alesana-Rennie, Northcote Point

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